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You are invited 

I invite you

to take a step away

from your daily routine,

to experience our calming,

insightful & reflective sessions. 

Learn how to use new tools

to accomplish your goals,

to breath, to relax

to find your bliss,

and to finally transform your life 

   Meet our Founder  
Farida Stino

Is a Licensed

Marriage & FamilyTherapist

in the State of Florida.

She earned her

Bachelors Degree in Psychology

as well as a

Masters in Counseling

from California in 1998 and is

now working on completing her Ph.D.

Farida has been Certified in

EMDR since 1997

and believes it is a

great tool to help her clients heal.

She is also a certified


Farida is a constant learner.

She values the importance of

staying up to date with the

latest research and with new techniques

to continue to support her patients.

Farida has two wonderful children

and she enjoys traveling the world

 with her family.

Farida loves the rewards of

helping people love their life 

and achieve their


Meet Our Therapists

Welcome to Stino Therapies, where we are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of our clients. Our compassionate team of therapists is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We are here to help you overcome the challenges that may be holding you back from living the life you deserve. With individually tailored treatment plans, we offer effective and evidence-based counseling to help you achieve your goals. 


Jadon Gibson is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern.

He received his Master's degree in

Clinical Mental Health Counseling

from the University of South Florida's

Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program. 

He is also certified in Addictions and Substance Abuse and believes in supporting those struggling with substance use by giving them the tools they need to turn their lives around. 

Jadon has a passion for working with children and families on behavioral issues, changes in family dynamics, problems at school, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and trauma. He also enjoys working with adults and couples.

Jadon Gibson


 Niambi Espada

Niambi Espada is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. She received her Master's degree in

Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Webster University.

She works from a collaborative, client-centered, approach

and is all about client empowerment.

She enjoys working with clients experiencing anxiety,

depression, ADHD, and self-esteem issues.

She focuses on both individuals and couples and

helps them resolve all areas of struggle to improve the quality of their lives and their relationships.

Niambi has a special passion for new mothers struggling

with the transition into motherhood, dealing with issues

including, but not limited to, the mental load,

identity integration, and mental health changes. 

Julia Galleguez_edited.jpg

Julia Galleguez

Julia Galleguez is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern who received her Master's degree from the University of South Florida. She has a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. She has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and behavioral challenges. Julia enjoys integrating principles of mindfulness and expressive arts therapy into cognitive-behavioral therapies with clients. 

image000000 (1).JPG

Shannon Jordan

Shannon Jordan is a Registered Mental Health

Intern who believes that client care should be a therapist’s first priority. He specializes in addictions, behavioral, motivational, and trauma therapy as well as military counseling. He is a United States Air Force veteran and received his graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.

He has been a part of the Tampa Bay Area since 2013 volunteering much of his time to communities in need of assistance. Shannon is currently a Ph. D. candidate at National Louis University for

Counseling Education and Supervision.  


Tanquer Dyer is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern. She received her Master's degree from Capella University. She is also a certified Master Resiliency Trainer and believes in empowring individuals and couples with the innate tools and capabilities they already have to succeed personally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Tanquer is passionate in working with individuals, couples, and families on transforming circumstances surrounding the disconnect in communication and behavioral challenges in relationships, family dynamics, depression, anxiety, self esteem and trauma. Tanquer is a United States Air Force veteran and completed her practicum at Camp Zama Behavioral Health Services. She has a special passion for military members and families. She continues to volunteer at MacDill AFB, training Airmen on Resiliency and is expected to complete her PhD in January, 2024 from Liberal University for Christian Leadership.

Tanquer Dyer 


Marissa Witter

Marissa Witter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

She has a Masters in Social Work from the

University of South Florida as well as a Bachelors in Psychology with a Minor in Public Health.  Her diverse experiences in the

mental health field ranges from facilitating grief support groups, case management, and working as a school social worker in a primary and secondary setting. She has over 7 years of experience working

with children and their families where she has gained the necessary

skills to help address concerns with ADHD, anxiety, challenging child behaviors, depression, inter-personal challenges, and grief.
Through a non-judgmental, client-centered, and solution-focused

approach, Marissa aims to support children and their families by deescalating daily life stressors. Her goal is to assist clients find

their inner strength, discover and implement coping mechanisms

and to foster resiliency.

 Meet Our Team

Kayla Watson

Office Manager

We are proud to have Kayla as an integral   member of our team. Kayla earned her

              B.A. degree in Communication 

           and brings her exceptional skills and 

      positive disposition to ensure that our

              clients consistently receive the  

                        best possible care. 


Seif  H. Zayan

Practice Manager

We rely on Seif's experience and attention to detail to run our practice smoothly

behind the scenes. Seif earned his

Bachelor's of Arts degree in

Business Management

and is in charge of our


Admin Hours:
Mon-Friday 11:00-7:00
160 E. Bloomingdale Ave.
Brandon, FL 33511
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