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Here at Stino Mediation

                                                                     we are committed 

                                    to listen to you and to help you develop the strategies you need

   to get on the path that leads to happiness and success! 

We willl work to address the issues you are facing

   and come through on the other side with new tools to

        confidently take on a new direction in life.


Together, we will collaborate to analyze the struggles you are facing,

   their underlying causes, and strive to change the behaviors and thought patterns

that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

We are committed to finding a Win/Win solution!

 If you’re ready to get back on the path that leads to the happier times in your life,

   then you’ve come to the right place.


       Contact us today so we can start the best journey of your life


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             Farida has a very big heart

            and it comes through in her

           sessions. I highly recommend                 her to push you through the

                 difficult moments that

                   life can sometimes

                         bring us.

Cat R.

Forget the clinical aspects of therapy! If as a human being you want to flourish, to embrace positive emotions, to be engaged, to be interested in stuff and to find meaning and purpose in your life, call and engage with

-Dave R.

  - Angel D.