Come on in.....

 Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate


             We all embark on the journey of life without knowing what's ahead....

We travel down the road before us, trying to carve out a path that will lead us to the kind of life

that will bring us Bliss.

However, there are times when that path leads us off the course to peace and fulfillment,

and into some difficult & trying times.

Whether you’re stuck in the woods of anxiety, relationship issues, or depression,

it is possible to find your way out of the dark places and back into the sun.

We understand that it feels daunting right now, but that is why

     you are here.

Here at Blissful Thoughts Therapies, we will work with you to help you

  explore your goals of health and happiness and

  learn how to achieve them. 


Together, we will work to process through the issues you are facing, 

         we will give you the tools you need to emerge triumphantly

          with a new way of thinking, and to

            confidently thrive in your life.

In Office


  619 W. Lumsden Street

Lumsden Executive Park

     Brandon Fl, 33511


   Video, Phone and Texting                         sessions from 
    Anywhere you want to be

If things haven't been going the way you had hoped,
it's time to change 
your ways

Change starts with


We Help People

             Chronic Conditions
             Coping Skills
             Eating Disorders
             Family Conflicts
            Self Growth
             Premarital & Marital
             Sexual issues
             Sleep issues

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Colorful Branch
Colorful Branch

We provide

the space for people

to come and heal themselves 

No matter what’s

going on in

their life...

whether it’s stress

or chronic pain,

We provide them the tools and


for whole




We encourage


who struggle with

their emotions

weather from 


addiction or

chronic pain

 to become masters

of their inner experience so they can

be in control of their emotions

rather than their emotions

controlling them


We teach

Children, Teens


their parents

who are overwhelmed

and uncertain about

their future

to find the

right path


give them

the tools needed

to overcome 

difficult situations

We support

couples who

struggle in their

emotional connection


their finances

or their


We teach them to


the distance

between them,

and to

fall in love

all over


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Meet Our Therapists
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Casmin Wilson is a registered mental health counseling intern in the state of Florida. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and a Master’s degree from Troy University. She is well-versed in various mental health struggles such as anxiety, depression, trauma, etc., and enjoys using a holistic approach focusing on self-care. She is also a certified yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor. You don’t have to go through life’s challenges alone or carry the burden to figure it all out on your own. She’ll be here for you when you’re ready…


 Niambi Espada

Niambi Espada is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. She received her Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Webster University. She works from a collaborative, client-centered, approach and is all about client empowerment. She enjoys working with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, and self-esteem issues. She focuses on both individuals and couples and helps them resolve all areas of struggle to improve the quality of their lives and their relationships. Niambi has a special passion for new mothers struggling with the transition into motherhood, dealing with issues including but not limited to: the mental load, identity integration, and mental health changes. 

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Shannon Jordan

Shannon Jordan is a psychotherapist who believes that client care should be a therapist’s first priority. He specializes in addictions, behavioral, motivational, and trauma therapy as well as military counseling. He is a United States Air Force veteran and received his graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. He has been a part of the Tampa Bay Area since 2013 volunteering much of his time to communities in need of assistance. Shannon is currently a Ph. D. candidate at National Louis University for Counseling Education and Supervision.  


Marissa Witter

Marissa Witter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has a Masters in Social Work from the University of South Florida and a Bachelors in Psychology with a Minor in Public Health from the University of South Florida.  Her diverse experiences in the mental health field ranges from facilitating grief support groups, case management, and working as a school social worker in a primary and secondary setting.  She has over 7 years of experience working with children and their families where she has gained the necessary skills to help address concerns with ADHD, anxiety, challenging child behaviors, depression, inter-personal challenges, and grief.
Through a non-judgmental, client-centered, and solution-focused approach Marissa aims to support children and their families by deescalating daily life stressors. She specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Her goal is to assist clients find their inner strength, discover and implement coping mechanisms and to foster resiliency.

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Marlene Williams

 Marlene is a registered Mental Health Counseling intern, who believes in a holistic approach and tailors her sessions to each specific individual's needs. She specializes in adults and teens going through difficult life hurdles. She enjoys providing clients with the tools they need to make healthy decisions that are best for them to achieve success in life. She passionate about helping people with  depression, trauma, anxiety, and substance use. She has over 14 years in the mental health field. She applauds  those who seek help and growth and acknowledges that going to therapy to work on being the best person you can be takes courage and would love to assist others on that journey. She works with individuals and couples  and also loves working with children, adolescents and young adults and helps them maneuver their way around adulthood.

Trenace Brown
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Trenace has her Master’s  degree in Mental Health  Rehabilitation Counseling  and a Master’s degree in Gerontology from the University of South Florida.  She also received her Certified Rehab Counselor  (CRC) designation. She enjoys working with both individuals and couples.

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